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Remote Browser Isolation

RBI in SHIELDGate achieves logical network isolation of untrusted external internet through pixel streaming.

Web browsers have become more complex and difficult than in the past, and they are also the biggest attack surface.

Softcamp's browser isolation is a zero-trust browsing solution.

It works on servers that are separate from your network and endpoints to protect your device from security threats.


Continuously verify every action of the user to achieve zero trust security.

Attack Surface Reduction

Remote Browser Isolation protects user endpoints from malware present on uncategorized sites, risky sites, and sites with low-risk by preventing infection.

Admin Page

Set user management and browser isolation policies, including application access and user log browsing, on the administration page.

Data Protection

Control user operations (keyboard input, copy, print, upload/download) on security-vulnerable web pages to prevent data theft and phishing attacks.

Smooth User Experience and Secure Isolation

Using detection and filtering alone cannot preemptively identify and defend against threats. Instead of implementing blocking policies that hinder employee productivity, isolate the web browser itself.


Remote Browser Isolation uses the Chromium engine to render all browser elements on an isolation. It protects against ransomware, malware, zero-day threats, and unknown threats.

Minimize Attack Surface

Reduced Risk of Data Leakage

Reduced Exposure to Security Threats from Web Content

With browser isolation, corporate websites and SaaS applications can protect critical data used by enterprises.

Administrators can easily set policies to restrict user actions that pose external exposure risks through web browsers. For instance, actions like upload/download, copy and paste, keyboard input, and printer functions can be controlled.

  • Clientless solution without the need for installation

  • Control over input and clicks on phishing and tampered sites.

Not just typical remote browser

Traditional remote browsers had limitations in providing a seamless user experience due to response delays. SoftCamp's Remote Browser Isolation provides the same speed as the original through unit changes, not source changes. With Zero Trust-based Browser Isolation, proactive responses to security threats are possible.

Update internal security with SoftCamp RBI 

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