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IAP, Identity Aware Proxy

IAP is a gateway that provides secure access to enterprise resources (web applications) using user and device identity information.

To dynamically allow or deny access to specific resources, IAP evaluates user and device context along with policies.


Enhanced user authentication and role-based access authorization for achieving zero-trust security.

Identity-Centric Access Control

Dynamic access control based on user identity and context is possible.

VPN Replacement

Provides a simpler and more efficient remote access alternative to traditional VPNs.

User and Context-Based Policy Evaluation

Real-time evaluation of user and device status to make access decisions.

*Conditional Adaptive Policies to

Achieve 'Zero Trust Architecture'

IAP operates in accordance with the core principles of the Zero Trust security model. These principles assume a lack of trust in all access requests, whether within internal or external networks. IAP verifies all access requests and provides dynamic access control based on user identity and context.

SDP : Software Defined Perimeter

IAP : Identity Aware Proxy

RBI : Remote Browser Isolation

Zero Trust Implementation Technology Comparison Table


*Conditional Adaptive Policy (CAP):

Continuously verifies authentication and permissions for all untrusted access.

Realizing Zero Trust through IAP + RBI Converged Technology


No separate program

installation required

•No need to install security programs

•Use with a regular browser

Traceless Usage

•No program installation

•No cookies, temporary file storage

•Block file downloads

Conditional Adaptive Security Policies

•Security operations
based on Zero Trust

•Flexible security policies
based on usage conditions

•Continuous verification of
each connection session

Enhanced User Authentication

•Adaptive policies based on connection location and time

•Additional authentication requirements (OTP, biometric authentication)

•Password reset requests

IP/Network Connection Information Concealment

No modification to existing business system

•Dual network concealment

with RBI and IAP


Download File Control

Web Security

•CDR for uploads Encryption
for downloads

•Antivirus scanning

•Personal information inspection

•Screen marking

•Capture prevention

•Temporary file deletion

•Source code blocking

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